Whilst funerals are usually sad occasions, meaningful funerals can assist people to cope with their loss. Such funerals can be sources of strength, hope and peace and a celebration of one’s life. At San Fernando Funerals, we have the expertise to offer you a full range of services. We will discuss your preferences and assist you in planning an appropriate funeral service.

Decisions to make will include :

  • When and where you would like the funeral to be held.
  • The type of service you desire. If burial or cremation will follow the service (for many people this decision may reflect religious or ethnic attitudes and family traditions).
  • The type of coffin you want.
  • Whether or not there is special clothing you would like your loved one dressed in.
  • Who you would like to be involved.
  • What motor vehicles would be appropriate for the service.
  • Writing and placing a death and/or a funeral notice in the newspaper.
  • Alternatives to religious funerals.
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